Bergman continues to run her previous business, Gecko Ranch. is a family owned and operated reptile for sale business that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred reptiles for sale online. Lastly, if you ever have questions about your leopard gecko, the breeder you buy it from will know your animals history. You can tell a lot about a person by how they communicate. There are many leopard gecko breeders in the USA, but there are none like CB reptile! John has worked with biologist throughout the world by providing DNA sampling and distribution ranged data to understand the different strains of the genus Eublepharis (leopard gecko). Our next show: Repticon Raleigh, November 26-27 Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 11am-4pm. Knowing how to spot a reputable breeder is very important. If youre seeking a leopard gecko breeder thats been around for more than ten years and offers extremely reasonable prices, look no further! Herpetoculture Opening Times: Monday - Sunday, 8:00AM-4:30 PM PST Phone: (916) 624-3256 Email: 6. Blackwater will plant one native tree on Madagascar for each and every order placed. You may ask them if you can see photos of their enclosures or facility. You know how important it is to choose the right breeder to purchase your Leopard Gecko from, which is why youre reading our reviews. Our next show: Tinley Park, Illinois, March 18 & 19, 2023, Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM . As an Amazon Affiliate, Reptile Maniac may earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through affiliate links on our site. Leopard Geckos Shop African Fat Tailed Geckos Shop New Caledonian Geckos Shop Based in Rockford, Illinois. Any good breeder will be more than happy to go out of their way to answer all your questions and concerns. GeckoBoa Reptiles have many stunning geckos and what is thought to be the most diverse collection. This page will usually discuss their history of breeding reptiles, their facilities, and the care they provide. Others may sell injured or sick reptiles. Of the geckos we could actually find on the site, many were priced quite affordably, especially given their bright colorations and patterns. Is the breeder youve selected new to the game, or are they a seasoned vet? BHB Reptile will not ship out your order until they have contacted you to verify your shipping information. Wild-caught reptiles undergo a great deal of stress during capture and shipping. They should also not be covered in excrement or have slimy, pale waste. They offer numerous leopard gecko morphs including Tremper Albinos, Eclipse, Tangerines, Bandits, Sunglows Super Snows, Mack Snows. Most beginners adopt common wild-type species and keep them alone. Blackwater will work with you to find some remedy for your situation. ")i(tAedoCrahc.x(edoCrahCmorf.gnirtS=+o;721=%y;i=+y)96==i(fi{)++i;l These breeders have built up reputations that they work to uphold, and you can learn a lot about the breeder by researching their reputation. The owner formerly was a financial modeler at Apple computers, where he created predictive forecasts for Apples online organization. Luminous Leopard Geckos | Hanover Park IL He also has a popular YouTube channel where he shows his breeding and husbandry practices. When shipped, your pet will arrive the following morning. Their leopard geckos really pop in color and are absolutely stunning! At first glance, we were astounded by the beautiful leopard gecko morphs for sale. Sykes worked as an environmental consultant for the protection of endangered species. Geckoboa. One thing we liked about Gecko Daddy is they provide lots of pictures of the exact morph you are buying. It pays to take your time in selecting a breeder. Theyre all housed individually and given all the necessities to develop into healthy adults. LEACHIES AND CHEWIES JUST UPDATED 2-11-2023! However, unlike CBReptiles, XYZ Reptiles has a smaller selection of leopard geckos. However, its easy to overcomplicate things, which will simply stop you from making a decision at all. Comparing breeders on these considerations will help you to determine which breeder is best suited to meet your needs. Though it may seem odd if this is your frist time purchasing a pet reptile online, it is actually quite common! Geckos Etc. Customer service is often overlooked when it comes to buying a leopard gecko. Proudly powered . Shipping throughout the Lower 48 and D.C. is a flat rate $55 per order (regardless of animal quantity) via FedEx Priority Overnight. Our shipments are well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our captive breeding facility to your home or business. This will give you confidence that youre getting a healthy leopard gecko! Located in Idaho, Geckoboa specializes in breeding leopard geckos with an emphasis on genetic purity and developing honest customer relations. They have beginner care sheets on nearly every reptile they sell, as well as supplies like tank misters, terrariums and more. Herpetocultures owner Steven Sykes studied ecology and zoology at Rutgers University. Here is one of our offspring, a male with awesome Blue Blood genes. They have a variety of leopard gecko morphs. When you approach a breeder it is important to know which questions to ask and what answers to expect. Their Leopard Geckos are very reasonably priced and start at just $70. Care sheets are available, as is a Smartphone app that offers step-by-step care instructions. Since then, they have built a name for themselves breeding unique morphs that cant be found anywhere else. Not only are they family-owned, but they also have a biologist on-site to ensure the health and care of their reptiles. Gecko Ranch customers are supported from time of purchase throughout the life of the gecko and benefit from my over 25yrs of working with 80+ species of geckos! The cross-breeding of leopard geckos has resulted in a wide variety of colors and skin patterns. Their resources are especially important for keepers who may be new to Leopard Gecko care and are unsure where to start. Bergman has over 30 years of experience breeding geckos. The staff should also be very knowledgeable and should have no problems going into detailed husbandry advice and bloodlines. Hopefully our list of the best breeders and tips prove to be a great place to start. However, like Morph Market, you can expect to pay higher prices for these premium morphs. Leopard Gecko Care Sheet, Tank Setup, Food, Size & More, Do Leopard Geckos Bite? Whether it is super rare color morphs like Enigma, Eclipse, Blizzard, Diablo Blanco, Jungle Designer, Super Mack Snow, or the more common high colors, carrot tails, mack snows and super snow, all of our leopard geckos come from top quality genetics and are as gorgeous as they are calm from our daily handling t1o ensure they make great pet geckos! Also, it can get annoying while youre scrolling through the pictures of individual lizards for sale and so many of them say sold out. Specializing primarily in high end Leopard Gecko morphs, we also work with several other species of geckos including pure Eublepharis, Goniurosaurus, and Nephrurus. This evidence can be photos or videos of the enclosures, detailed feeding schedules, and in-depth knowledge of proper temperatures, humidity and enclosure set-up. Our next show: Tinley Park, Illinois, March 18 & 19, 2023, Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM The Legacy Lives On.. "Helene & I are proud to announce that Julie Bergman is the new face and owner of . Their leopard geckos are very reasonably priced and start at $70. Visits to our Burlington location are for online order pickup only and by appointment only Additional hours available! Gecko Daddy sells gecko pairs that are proven breeders for those who want to start breeding their own geckos. Still, they do offer some high-quality Leopard Geckos in a variety of morphs. Many of the best leopard gecko breeders have leopard geckos for sale year-round. You can make payments and browse the site with confidence. "\\300\\\\410\\\\B300\\\\c;9)2y9kt}:?7%9=9c8%/$=$)!\\\"(f};o nruter};))++y(^" + The only other downside is they only have leopard geckos during certain parts of the year. We have searched online for breeders who have a solid history of breeding leopard geckos, offer husbandry information, and provide customer support and protection. I have three other leopard geckos and I cant afford all of them. These pet geckos are $30 and perfect for beginner keepers that are not looking to breed anytime soon. Thus, youll be able to put your baby leopard geckos for sale at a much higher price. Founded in 2007, Gecko Daddy was born from a childhood love for geckos. "\\5qtsbcjc3.Wo`drL%adcrs330\\\\020\\\\^'G430\\\\420\\\\300\\\\730\\\\100\\\\"+ BHB Reptiles is another great choice, especially if youre looking to get the best value for your buck. Its super easy to use, provides plenty of information, and has a super easy checkout system. Finally, they plant one tree in Madagascar for every order. You need to find the lizard that really calls to you, and that often requires searching through a wide selection. Additionally, their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is superb. CBReptiles is one of the oldest and most successful leopard gecko breeders in the industry. //]]>, for online order pickup only and by appointment only, Knob-Tail Geckos - Thick-Tailed or Barking Geckos (Underwoodisaurus milii), Tinley Park, Illinois, March 18 & 19, 2023, Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Repticon Raleigh, November 26-27 Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 11am-4pm. 2-11-23 LEACHIE GECKO SECTION UPDATED! In terms of morphs, ReptMart has a wide variety. Yet, when it comes to finding a leopard gecko for sale, you want to be sure that youre getting a happy & healthy reptile! Reptile breeders can acquire certain levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), which will indicate the strength of their USARK membership. These are generally priced in the $50-$200 price range. Another good clue that your leopard gecko breeder is providing antiquate care is if they are members of the USARK program. They began breeding reptiles out of a small facility in New York in 1993. Furthermore, Backwater Reptiles is a Gold member of USARK. ;$!d@5se`nawr?^020\\\\320\\"+ Buying an unhealthy individual from poor conditions can also result in a pet that will be difficult to handle, have behavioral issues and may not even survive in the long-term. With Gecko, tank, light fixture, hides, and everything $110View Detail, She is very malnourished and I dont have the money to take care of her. You can breed a female and male leopard gecko by mating them. For this reason, read a range of testimonials and reviews and get an overall feeling of what is written. There are many signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gecko and being able to recognize them before you buy may save you some time and heartache in the long run. Here at Ramsey's Reptiles, we focus on providing the healthiest, hardiest and most genetically sound breeders and pets available. She needs fatty foods. Usually, this is during summer, when it is prime leopard gecko breeding season. The owner, Sam, has had an extensive background in breeding leopard geckos, chameleons, and other reptile species. and I navely . You, as the consumer, have the upper hand as there is a lot of competition between breeders, and you have a wide range of breeders to select from. There is strength in numbers and now is the time to join the fight. If youre looking for the best leopard gecko breeders online (or in-person), youve come to the perfect page! The Trempers chose Julie Bergman to takes over as the new owner of Leopard This breeder has many beautiful morphs available from her Blue Amber Eyes, to Super Giants and Albinos. She focuses entirely on breeding some of the most diverse and unique morphs that stand out from common Leopard Geckos. The owners love for leopard geckos is what started the company, and leopard geckos sustain the company today. They have every color or morph you can imagine. CB has the highest quality, most vividly colored leopard gecko morphs for sale, or any leopard gecko breeders! We ship safely Overnight year round. Furthermore, XYZ Reptiles also provides one-day FedEx shipping, and they guarantee the safe arrival of your leopard gecko. Leopard Gecko breeders I am looking to purchase a sub adult/adult Leo. In addition, CBReptiles has a vast selection of leopard geckos to choose from. Their simple ordering system lets you pick what sex you prefer and even add-on essentials like feeder insects, heating pads, dishes, and more. Suppose the breeder makes claims that do not match up with other breeders or omit important information. The animal should also be 15 - 20 grams before being shipped to ensure they're big enough to make the journey safely. Rodent Systems & Reptile Systems. Family-owned CB Reptiles prides itself as the source of high-quality captive bred reptiles for sale online. Feeder insects are shipped overnight UPS or 2-3 day priority UPS. We were highly impressed with her beginner care sheets and she even has Leopard Gecko apps available for download that walk you through every aspect of care and husbandry. *NEW* EVERYDAY SPECIAL - YOU LET ME PICK OUT AN UNSEXED JUVENILE AND YOU DON'T PAY SHIPPING! Their site offers a wide range of supplies for your leopard gecko and other reptiles, including lighting, misting systems, terrariums, terrarium supplies, and much more. GeckoBoa Reptiles are not shy about their testimonials and display all of their reviews on the front page of their website. Also, every review site will have comments from those who can never be made happy. Granted, they do also offer other gecko species as well as a few snakes and skinks. If you want to buy a rare Leopard Gecko from a well-known, established breeder with lots of experience, then is perfect for you: Gecko Daddy is a leopard gecko breeding company run by brothers that began their company as a passion project over 20 years ago. Up to 4 females can be housed together in a simple 20 gallon tank, or aquarium. Here at Imperial Reptiles we have a large selection of exotic reptile for sale. GeckoBoa Reptiles Visit Breeder This is one of the longest guarantees of any breeder and indicates their geckos are very high quality. Its clear they have a passion for breeding leopard geckos. Specializing primarily in high end Leopard Gecko morphs, we also work with several other species of geckos including pure Eublepharis, Goniurosaurus, and Nephrurus. Thankfully, these breeders have been shipping geckos for a long time, some of them have been doing it for decades. Some of their most popular morphs include Albinos, Tangerines, High Colors, Raptors, and more! BHBs Reptiles slogan is Covering the Spectrum. Owner Brian Barczyk states the slogan reflects how they built their private collection. GeckoBoa Reptiles is a site that offers a wide range of rare Leopard Gecko morphs, though many of their geckos are sold out. Live arrival and 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed is the long-standing policy of Leopard Some of their leopard geckos run upwards of $2,000 or more. Very well-known and experienced breeder with 30+ years of experience. As with any animal, it is important that you first do your homework. Over 30 years of leopard gecko bloodlines and rare morphs. Geckos are health guaranteed up to 30 days after arrival. The leopard gecko has become a popular pet, and due to extensive captive breeding it is sometimes referred to as the first domesticated species of lizard. This article cannot cover all breeders, nor does it address your own specific wants or needs. Start off by taking time to research the husbandry requirements of leopard geckos. Theyve even created their own morphs through years of breeding! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Contact us at and we will get back to you ASAP! We like how detailed their listings are, with the sex, weight, and birthdate all readily available. Moreover, their customer service is incredible. Typically, leopard gecko breeders will carry a variety of different morphs to choose from. All in all, if youre looking for a long-time, trustworthy online leopard breeder, CBReptiles should be your first choice. Gecko Daddy has various breeding projects that involve a variety of species, including leopard geckos. They are a great choice for new breeders looking to get started on their own project: Geckos Etc is a family-owned breeding business focused on rare bloodlines of Leopard Geckos. United States customers can checkout directly on our site. It is important to consider that some testimonials and reviews may be fabricated or written by paid writers. A reputable breeder should be able to give you an extensive history of the species, their husbandry needs and what kind of keeper is best suited to them. While we provide information resources and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. The process should be made as simple as possible. All their leopard geckos are individually housed, given all the proper care including heating mats, humid hides, and. The app is available at the iTunes Store and Android Mart. In fact, they guarantee the health and quality of all Leopard Geckos they sell for up to 30 days after arrival! If you want a low cost, guaranteed captive bred breeder, CB Reptile has our vote for best overall breeder: BHB Reptiles has been breeding reptiles since 1989 and sells a wide variety of species including Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, King Snakes and Leopard Geckos. They currently offer more than 250 Leopard Geckos, with prices that start at $100 and climb to $2500. Youll have to be home when the lizard arrives to accept it, and that will likely require some special arrangements., the original Ron Tremper collection, will be on the road in 2022.Our next show: Tinley Park, Illinois, March 18 & 19, 2023, Sat 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sun 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Because of convenience, it may be tempting to obtain your leopard gecko from a pet store. GREAT selection, many ready to breed! A reputable breeder will be very straightforward about the personality and health of each individual. An apt researcher and reader, he loves to investigate interesting topics such as history, economics, relationships, pets, politics, and, A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023, Considerations for a Leopard Gecko Breeder. Hence, weve studied all the best leopard gecko breeders out there. They also guarantee that your geckos appearance will match that of the sites photograph as well as any other information provided online. Armiyana. Guarantees available include live on arrival, health, genetics, and satisfaction. If youre only looking to buy a leopard gecko as a pet, we recommend spending somewhere in the $50-$300 price range.